My Harry Potter Problem

Hi, my name’s Katie, and I’m a Potter-holic.
Now let’s be real, if you’re a decent human being, odds are you’d say you are a fan of Harry Potter, yes? I mean, what’s not to love? Amazingly complex story lines- check! Wonderfully detailed characters- check! A thankfully adequate movie franchise- check! It’s a no-brainer. I mean really, they don’t build enormous theme parks based on stories that suck, amirite?
Have I made my point here? What I’m trying to say is, with all due respect, if you’re not a HP fan, you are wrong. Please go and reevaluate your life choices.
Anyway, somewhere along the line, I seemlessly transitioned from the realm of normal fan, to weirdo fanatic. Thing is, it’s not just a really well done book series anymore. I don’t have to just imagine everything in my head; I can watch the movies and actually see it, I can go to Universal and actually live it. For adults like me who never really grew up, Harry Potter is a godsend, giving my stir crazy  imagination a much needed playground.
Now, thanks to my love of crafts and diy everything, plus the fact that I don’t have kids (so I have extra space and time on my hands), my obsession has been funneled into decorating my craft room to look like the Gryffindor Common Room.

It is no doubt my favorite room in my house, obviously, and though it is a constant work in progress, I’ve gotten it to a point where I’m open to showing other people.


Eventually I want every surface covered with stuff, so you’ll see I’m a long way from that. But I’ve been putting this room together for about 2 years now. It’s just a baby, and I can’t freaking wait to see it when it’s all grown up!wpid-20151107_130105.jpg

A lot of it is diy stuff I’ve done, a lot is random stuff I’ve found at thrift stores or antique shops. I’m constantly on the hunt for random items that fit the theme, or Pinterest projects to make.


I also have a few offical pieces that my husband has gotten me. Thank god he supports my craziness! It was actually all his idea, but that’s a story for another day.


For now, here’s a few pics of my Harry Potter Craft Room! I’m planning to highlight each section with closer pictures, so stay tuned, and enjoy!


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